For today, a gluten-free diet is the only effective treatment for celiac disease. And that means truly gluten-free! This requires changes in dietary habits, in the way food is prepared, in the selection of restaurants and hotels, and in behavior at the dinner table. But not to worry: that’s all learnable!

There is already plenty of information to be found on the Internet regarding celiac disease. However, it is somewhat cumbersome and time consuming to gather the relevant information into one place. Therefore, we have set up this page: To put together the most important and most frequently asked questions, from our experience, and their answers. With the necessary amount of information (from our point of view) for a first but thorough look at the topics. But not too detailed, so that everything still remains compact. Recommended contents are:

The Pathology of Celiac Disease

  • Definition and general information about Celiac disease
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis and diagnostics
  • Therapy and treatment

Gluten Free Foods

Find out what to watch for in certain foods. Even foods that are widely perceived as gluten free.​

Contamination Risk​

Contamination, in this case the contamination of gluten-free foods with gluten, is a high risk - especially in households that are not trained to separate gluten-containing and non-gluten-containing foods. Here are some hints for what you should pay special attention to. And what the 20ppm. limit means in this context.​

Tips and Tricks​

Those who have to live with celiac disease for a few years develop their own procedures and standards, little tricks and help to ensure a truly gluten-free diet. Here are some of them for you. Specific tips and tricks for kitchen equipment can be found here.​

About Us: Why we have made this site

When one first receives a diagnosis of celiac disease, they face a mountain of questions. Because not only are they affected by it, but also the people surrounding them. This is what happened to us when our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of six. My wife then decided to work as a contact person for the DZG German Celiac Society for many years. Partly, to become more involved in the topic of celiac disease, but also, to help first-time sufferers in their first steps. Many questions have been addressed here along with many corresponding answers.


The authors are neither doctors nor nutritionists. The information given on this page is based on our study of the topic. Neither a guarantee for their validity nor completeness can be assumed.

The same applies to possibly mentioned gluten-free foods. Recipes are changed by the manufacturers from time to time, so no guarantee that a product is gluten-free can be made. Therefore, inform yourself and carefully read the list of ingredients.